We are the small coastal fishing village of Arthurstown, County Wexford in the sunny South East of Ireland.

Named after Arthur Chichester of Dunbrody Park we are located on the edge of the Hook Peninsula and down river of the confluence of the “Three Sister” rivers, the Barrow, the Nore and the Suir as

they flow past into the Irish Sea at Hook Head. Surrounded by rich farmland and pastures our unique limestone soil produces bountiful harvests of wheat and barley each year.

Our small natural harbour is a safe haven for lobster and salmon fisherman. Here in Arthurstown we are of the Land and the Sea.


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    Here in Arthurstown we are of the land of Wexford. We are surrounded by rich farmland and pastures that produce bountiful and award winning crops every harvest.

    Our unique coastal limestone soil is sprayed by sun and sea salt air combined by natural farming methods passed down by generations of local farmers. Tosh Crosbie, a major principle and…

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    driving force behind Arthurstown Brewing Company continues to farm the area to this day with his family, as his family before him did.

    His farm produces award winning Wexford heritage wheat which is used in our Stout as well as the famous Wexford two row barley used in our Ales and Lagers.

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    Kevin Dundon – Master Chef

    The combination of Master Celebrity Chef Kevin Dundon from Dunbrody House and local Brew Master Kieran Bird take great pride in developing and nurturing authentic craft beers.
    Our Brew Master is fastidious in the pursuit of his craft and passionate about delivering beer made to the highest standards. Using local natural ingredients from Arthurstown and environs we strive to deliver beers that represent the pride we take in making them and the pride we take in…

  • Kieran Bird – Brew Master

    …harvesting the best of local produce.

    Kevin and Kieran spend lots of time and effort honing their unique beer recipes, painstakingly matching natural ingredients to suit various foods and occasions.
    Our pride in our craft as beer makers is second to none and our pursuit of quality made crafted beer is never ending. We never stop trying to improve and make our beers better and see our craft as ever changing and developing but never abandoning the basic principles of quality beer making.

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    We use special two row Wexford barley straight from Tosh Crosbie’s award winning farm in Arthurstown just yards from our brewery. Our two row barley is grown on the coastal limestone soil sprayed by sun and sea salt air giving it an unique flavour and texture specific to this area of Wexford.

  • HOPS

    We are currently growing our own unique type of Challenger and Cascade hops both at Tosh Crosbie’s farm and indeed on the Dunbrody estate itself.

    This is to ensure that we are able to monitor and control the natural quality of our own hops which is crucial to the speciality and uniqueness of our beers.

  • OATS

    Our oats are grown here at Arthurstown very close to our brewery on the Dunbrody estate right on the edge of the famous Hook Peninsula. Arthurstown’s pastureland is on the edge of the confluence of the famous “Three Sisters” rivers, the Barrow, the Nore and the Suir as they sweep past into the Irish Sea at Hook Head.


    The source of our beer is our natural spring water from our ancient well on the Dunbrody Estate.

    Known locally as the “Boiling Well” the spring water originates from pure limestone set amidst an Irish oak forest. Our pure natural spring water is the source of our inspiration for our craft beers.


    The magical coastline of County Wexford is part of Ireland’s “Sunny South East”, warmed by plenty of Spring and Summer sun. This ensures that we produce a bountiful harvest of top quality wheat almost every year. County Wexford is famed for its wheat crops and nowhere more so than the award winning farm of Tosh Crosbie and his family at Arthurstown. Tosh’s award winning farm…

  • …sows, grows and harvests high quality Wexford heritage wheat just yards from our brewery. This wheat is traditionally sand stoned milled ensuring a top quality finish deserving of such top natural produce. The closeness of Tosh Crosbie’s farm to our brewery ensures most of our vital ingredients get to our brewery within hours of being harvested and milled.

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  • We at Arthurstown Brewing Company are all about our beer. We believe in brewing as natural a product as possible. We source the very best of local ingredients from as close to our brewery as possible.

    Our local farmer and Arthurstown Brewing Company director Tosh Crosbie supplies us with the highest quality locally grown wheat, oats and barley. Our hops are currently being grown for harvest later this year. His family run farm is a stones throw from our brewery site, so we get our produce from farm to brewery as fresh and quickly…

  • …as possible.

    Our beer recipes are developed by MasterChef and Arthurstown Brewing Company director Kevin Dundon alongside our local Brew Master Kieran Bird. Great ingredients are at the heart of everything Kevin does as a chef and he carries this passion for great ingredients into his beer recipes. Along with Kieran they have developed wonderfully tasting beer flavours that linger and go great when matched up with great…

  • …food. This magic formula of bringing a MasterChef and a Brew Master together to develop beer recipes ensures we have a uniqueness to our beer making. Our Brew Master Kieran’s authentic approach to craft beer making and his meticulous and relentless pursuit of excellence and quality, help us to deliver beer like no other. It is this combination of great ingredients and wonderful beer making recipes that’s our secret sauce.
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We are the people behind Arthurstown Brewing Company. We all currently live or reside in Arthurstown Co. Wexford or nearby. We understand the importance of the people, the land, the sea and the environment.


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